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First Chinese company approved for cloransulam-methyl technical

Source:Release date:2015-10-23been 1917 People browse

Chinese agrochemical company Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Co Ltd has received full registration for its 98% Cloransulam-methyl technical from ICAMA (Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals,MOA), together with its 84% cloransulam-methyl WDG, for the use of broad leaf weed control in spring soybean fields. As per Chinese registration watch, besides dow’s 97.5% cloransulam-methyl technical registration, Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory is the first Chinese company approved for cloransulam-methyl technical in China. 
Cloransulam-methyl belongs to the sulfonamide herbicide family developed by Dow AgroSciences. Its main action site is in the meristematic regions of plants. Cloransulam-methyl is used pre- and after emergence in soybean fields to control broad leaf weeds, with specific effectiveness to siberian cocklebur, ragweed, three lobed leaf ragweed, sweet potato and abutilon. Its main mixture partner includes flumioxazin and sulfentrazone.
Cloransulam-methyl was first launched in 1998, recommended to use with glyphosate in soybean fields, as Dow AgroSciences’ BestShot herbicide programme. In year 2003, cloransulam-methyl was launched as Gangster mixing with Valent’s flumioxazin. Dow AgroSciences entered into a product supply agreement with FMC in 2007, introducing Authority First DF combining cloransulam-methyl and sulfentrazone, which is Sonic under Dow portfolio. Annual sales of cloransulam-methyl in 2013 recorded 55 million.